Hi Everybody,
Being part of this Olympic experience has been so thrilling! Today was no different, and did not disappoint.

More pressing questions were answered, like:
-How can there be so many empty seats at the events, and warm bodies like me willing to fill them, cue it up and pay?
With my inside look at the situation, and after spending many hours in long lines ( meeting great athletes and coaches standing there with me in the same line, like the legendary Svetlana Moiseeva Russian diving coach), being told there are no more tickets,
I realized a few things.

1. These folks all have great connections, and a lot more money than I do, and they can’t get in…maybe there really aren’t any tickets.
2. Perseverance and enjoying the company of those your commiserating in line with is very fun and you can meet lots of new friends just standing in cues:)
*i did secure two GOLDEN TICKETS to swimming on Aug. 1-2. Look for the screaming tall blonde in the nose bleed section:)
Today there were a few notable inside thoughts:
1. Ussain Bolt not only runs fast (fastest man in the world!!!), he also walks fast. Newton’s law in action. He opted out on slowing down for a pic:)

2. After many miles of searching for tickets around the Olympic village, I was struck with the magnitude of the task England undertook to create a secure environment for 204 countries athletes to compete in peace.
I concluded they hired the new generation of Jurassic Park engineers, along with Disney imagineers and created the ultimate cross between Alcatraz and the happiest place on earth:). You have to see this to believe it!!!

3, Inside the OV (Olympic Village),..really happiest place on earth, the tension is palpable. If Cortisol (stress hormones) put off a scent, this place would need a methane digestion system to contain these levels. Everyone handles stress and management of their emotions differently under pressure. For example:
The Argentines women’s soccer team stretch…

This Nordge-man stares out a window to de stress his hip flexors…

This Japanese Thai Kwon Do athlete, takes a different approach (I think this move has been contraindicated for 25 years:), but I kept that to myself!

My guys stretched out in a giant jacuzzi, and alternated it with ice baths. This was a great choice:)

I also had the honor of meeting the new Director of Sports Medicine, Dr. Juan Quiceno for all of Colombia Olympic Sports. He is designing a new high performance facility at 10,000 feet for their elite athletes. He is at the Olympics in the capacity of the supervising medical director for swimming, and boxing (maybe others..but we didn’t discuss them:).

Interesting fact, Dr. Q stated “swimmers have more overuse issues than boxers.”. So be careful for those of you being inspired by the Olympic swimmers looks, and tempted to take on the pool:)

We all had a bite of lunch…

…and set our sights on SOARING INTO THE NEXT EVENT!

Keep your eyes out for Omar Pinzon and Markus Rogan as they hit the pool Flying on this Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 1st and 2nd. Weeeeee!
Signing out for now. What jet lag?
In strength. Love to you all,
Lee Brandon,C.S.C.S. Reporting to you from XXX LONDON OLYMPICS