Today was brilliant, again!
The English efforts making us all feel secure, welcome, and organized at moving the masses into and through such condensed areas, is nothing short of a masterful feat!

Really impressive.

There are lifeguard stands with Westfield directors with bull horns yelling direction and salutations to us all as we shuffle along. They are like mall comedians( just local English folk with great dry humor lovingly harassing the masses) as they direct us along, and keep us moving with a smile.

The Westfield Olympic mall has been the most massive and busiest mall I’ve ever tried to window shop in. It’s like being on a New York city side walk at holiday time, trying to look into the Macy’s windows:), except your inside!

Another treat, is that the athletes are openly window shopping as well, and giving the masses photo ops. Anyone recognize this guy below?

How about these USA VOLLEYBALL athletes, just leaving Westfield mall headed back to the secure Olympic Village?? For those of you that know me, this is probably the smallest and thinnest you’ve ever seen me look. I actually felt tiny…;)

We had great session at the Olympic village(OV) gym today (the guys post am workout finishing up with a stretch after their work in the Ab-inforcer (

Check out this video of us in the Olympic gym…beautiful facility! Of course the USA, AUSTRALIANS, AND CHINESE OLYMPIC TEAMS, built of site training facilities outside the OV.

Yesterday, jumped off the tube and ran over the London bridge to sprint over to the TOWER OF LONDON to walk around and view the jewels!

Some of these shots look like a post card. These were actually shot with my iPad. Technology blows my mind–strange and precariously functional!

Stain glass window inside King Edwards old castle…

Stairs spiral and go on forever…if your tall, note: don’t wear a visor, there are low lying stones:)

I love this shot from the main castle window, overlooking the tower bridge. Look closely and you’ll see the olympic rings. I got reprimanded for opening this window…:)

Henry VIII DESIGNED ARMOR not for the phalicly challenged…

My feet were killing me from all the sprinting, but, I cant imagine how this mans feet must feel at the end of his day:)
Signing out for today, til tomorrow…remember: ” if you have time to think it, get up and do it!”.
I’m always surprised how much can get done.
Love u all, in strength…
Lee Brandon,C.S.C.S. Reporting to you from XXX LONDON OLYMPICS