Where do I begin?

My name is Karmen, age 48 and counting. I was a small 110 lbs lean sexy diva. I ate any and everything I wanted and I didn’t worry about gaining weight. I was very active and had more motivation that kept me going. I have never had a weight problem.

My weight began to get out of control in May 2001 when the most important person in my life, my best friend, my comforter, my life, my mother started getting sick. I watched a very active person go from moving around with ease to a bed of pain and discomfort, from being superwoman doing everything to needing everything done for her. When my mom went into the hospital I found out That I was pregnant. Now in my family they believe that when someone is with child? A death is soon to come to make room for the new birth. I was not happy because I was the one that was with child and now my mom must leave. With the guilt of that weighing on my shoulders, I thought if I terminated the child I could save my mom. So I did. But on August 6,2001 began my struggle. I lost my best friend. This loss place me in the deepest depression state that I couldn’t handle. I turned to a new comforter. Food and alcohol was my best friend. I felt like I had no one to love me like she did.

I picked up the weight as rapid as the heart beats. I went from wearing a size 8-10 to a size 14-16 to a size 26. I was so depressed. I started to get back on track from diet to diet. I tried doing it on my own to spending a huge amount on Jenny Craig. Now I did lose some weight but I started to gain it all back. In 20011 I joined Weight Watcher. I started there weighing a little over 300 lbs. when I left in January 20012, I weighed 257 lbs. I got back down to wearing a size 18-22 depending on the store. As of April 24,2014 I now weigh 258 lbs. I need a new lease on life and now I feel I can do it. My goal weight is 158 lbs. with the help I know this is reachable. 

God is my strength and through him nothing is impossible. Matthew 21: verse 22 says: If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. My prayer is for a lifestyle change and a better me. So let the games begin. I’m “Getting Fit To Win” and taking my life back.
This is my story…

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