31st Annual Mercedes-Benz Pro-Am Champion:

The winning team from the 31st Annual Mercedes-Benz Pro-Am played at El Caballero Country Club on Monday February 14th. Matt Herman has played in this event for more than 25 years and has been on the winning team 3 times. This year our pro was the LPGA’s Jill McGill with whom he has played a number of times. The format was a “shamble” where each player tees off and the team selects the best drive and each amateur player plays their own ball from that point. The pro plays their own ball for the entire round. The 2 best ball scores net (including the pros at scratch) on each hole counted. Par at El Cab is 71. Our team ended up with a winning score of 113 or 29 under par.

Matt said, “I am pleased to report that I played well that day and drove the ball well with several drives in the 240+ yard range(220+ meters) despite it being a cool and windy day. I’m sure our work together (training with Lee Brandon and using the AB-Inforcer) has been a significant contributing factor to my improvement on the golf course.”

“I always look forward to our sessions” Mr. Herman stated about training with Lee. I was introduced to Lee Brandon by my chiropractor (Dr. Fred N. Lerner, PhD.,FACO). He continues, “As an avid golfer, I have had back problems off and on for years. My chiropractor was able to provide help of a transitory nature. He told me if I truly wanted to get lasting relief for my back problems and at the same time improve my golf game I should see Lee. I have been working with Lee now for just about a year and I could not be more pleased with the results.

My back and core have gotten stronger and are getting stronger still and my golf game has improved. Before Lee my drives averaged 220 yards(200 meters) on a good day. Now my drives regularly average 240 yards and often longer, up to 280 yards(260 meters). On long par 4’s where I used to hit a 3 iron or more into the green I am now hitting 5 and 6 irons and on short par 4’s I’m hitting 9 irons and wedges into the green.

My chiropractor (Dr. Fred N. Lerner, PhD.,FACO) had told me there is no one he knows who is more knowledgeable about the mechanics of the back and core and how they relate to the golf swing than Lee Brandon, CSCS and for me the results speak for themselves. Thank you Lee!

Original address position.  Notice the no-neck,
rounded forward spine and

elevated shoulder blades, with a flat lower back…

New address position:
Longer neck,
shoulder blades off the ears,
and a beautiful series of natural curves in the
entire spine
(including head/ neck position).

Matt Herman

Age:  69, Retired

Formerly Executive Vice President Production

Universal Television


Note: El Caballero, one of the LA area’s finest courses hosted the City of Hope Office Depot LPGA Championship from 2002 – 2004 where Annika Sorenstam won her 50th, and has been the choice for U.S.G.A. Men’s Open sectional qualifying rounds for many years