Santa Monica, California:  

Marcus Rogan stated:  ” It is such an honor to be declared a “Legend of Sport” By the Olympic committee today!  It is amazing to be one of 26 in its history to have this honor.”

“Marcus is the ultimate Vetruvian man”
Marcus’ work ethic is why his career has
had such great longevity

Marcus training with Chains

Lee Brandon, CSCS (Strength and Conditioning Specialist coach) with Marcus 
Marcus Rogan and Michael Alexandrov Driving hard in preparation for London 2012
*Special thanks to Judy Francesconi for Photographs.

The term ‘Legend’ has several meanings! 

According to some dictionaries, it can mean; ‘an unverified story handed down from earlier times, especially one popularly believed to be historical.’ It might mean; ‘An explanatory table or list of the symbols appearing on a map or chart.’ Or in the case of the swimming world, a ‘Legend’ is; ‘one that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame.’ 

A Legend of the sport is someone who has made significant contributions or achieved uncommon accomplishments en route to leaving an indelible mark on the history of the sport. These are individuals who have set new standards, created new trends and driven the bar to new heights as they have blazed the trails of their careers.

Without individuals like Marcus Rogan, the Olympic Sport of Swimming would have less to measure itself against. The swimming world, minus Marcus’s  involvement, would likely be in a much less advanced state than it is. 

The drive of dominating competition, on and off the water has left a trail of history that some are witness to, yet few are a aware of.

A press conference announcing the Olympic committee’s decision is set to announce the news internationally on May 17th, 2011.

Personal information
Full name Markus Antonius Rogan
Country  Austria
Stroke(s) Backstroke
College team Stanford Cardinal (USA) (2000-2004)
Date of birth 4 May 1982 (age 28)
Place of birth Vienna, Austria
Height 6′ 5″ (195 cm)
Weight 205 lbs (93 kg)
Medal record[hide]
Men’s swimming
Competitor for  Austria
Olympic Games
Silver Athens 2004[1] 100 m backstroke
Silver Athens 2004 200 m backstroke
World Championships (LC)
Silver 2001 Fukuoka 200 m backstroke
Silver 2005 Montreal[2] 200 m backstroke
Bronze 2007 Melbourne[3] 200 m backstroke
World Championships (SC)
Gold 2008 Manchester 200 m backstroke
Silver 2006 Shanghai 100 m backstroke
Silver 2006 Shanghai 200 m backstroke
Silver 2006 Shanghai 200 m medley
Silver 2010 Dubai 200 m medley
Bronze 2010 Dubai 200 m backstroke
European Championships (LC)
Gold 2004 Madrid 200 m backstroke
Gold 2004 Madrid 200 m medley
Gold 2008 Eindhoven 100 m backstroke
Gold 2008 Eindhoven 200 m backstroke
Silver 2002 Berlin 100 m backstroke
Silver 2002 Berlin 200 m backstroke
Silver 2004 Madrid 100 m backstroke
Silver 2006 Budapest 100 m backstroke
Silver 2010 Budapest 200 m medley
Silver 2010 Budapest 200 m backstroke
Bronze 2002 Berlin 200 m medley
Bronze 2008 Eindhoven 4×200 m freestyle
Summer Universiade
Gold 2007 Bangkok 200 m backstroke
Silver 2007 Bangkok 100 m backstroke
Bronze 2005 Izmir 200 m freestyle

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