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The VIP programs are right for you if you worry that your muscles and body have stagnated or got injured. If your fitness routine is not pushing you forward you might be doing the wrong exercise, movement, or routine for your body type. Wrong movement or incorrect biomechanics can lead to disastrous consequences longterm, and push you further away from your goals.

You want a customized research based program that will strengthen, rejuvenate, stimulate your body to feel and look younger, and be pain free from an old or persistent injury. You want to regain the endurance to walk the golf course, or run your next marathon, or participate in a sports activity that brings you joy.


Core Strength – Patented Brandon Method

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I have worked with Lee for over 15 years now. I went to Lee because I could no longer run in 10k’s. Had severe adductor issues. It ended up my core was all messed up which affected my running style and my severe flexibility issues. Lee put my on her training regime and thanks to her knowledge and her Ab-Inforcer, she slowly reversed my bad form and eventually I was able to run again, with no limitations. I have never met a personal trainer with such knowledge and patience. She gave me back what I love to do, which is run, when everything I had previously tried, failed or simply masked the issues. I have been blessed to work with Lee, and highly recommend her to all weekend warriors, or full-time professional athletes. I could go on and on with other examples over the years of how she has identified issues and corrected them. There is no one better at her craft

John Caloz

Chief Financial Officer, CytRx Corporation

Lee Brandon’s AB-inforcer takes what the world’s brainiest scientists have known for years and finally uses it to conquer the macho caves of america’s gyms. Her spinal triangulation technology is exactly the workout weapon needed to convince even the brawniest crunch-squat-benchpress junkie that a healthy way of exercising can be combined with power, agility and olympic level performance. I am one of her converts. A workout with Lee Brandon happens on three levels. Her superior technical knowledge and skills are the foundation. She constantly uses her experience with top athletes yet continues to push the boundaries to develop new, custom tailored routines to maximize her impact on muscle and body development. On a higher level, Lee’s personal attention to each executed repetition within each exercise at every workout is unbelievable. Her laser-focus melts with your conscience as you push faster, higher, farther and beyond what you thought was possible and dramatically raises your body awareness.
On the top level, Lee combines her radiant personality with her experience as a world champion athlete herself to deliver a powerful psychological message: nothing can stop you when you have complete control of your body. And I’m starting to make her credo my own as I’m closing in on the world’s greatest swimmer to reach my dream, olympic gold.

Dr. Marcus Rogan

3 Time Olympic Champion

Lee helped me establish an entirely different relationship with my body. Medical issues exacerbated by my weight forced me to seek help. I was blessed when I found Lee. She dealt with my fear by using patience. She understood my sense of shame about my body size and had me focus on the tasks and worry less about other people’s opinions. Lee’s expertise created workout routines I could follow without becoming frustrated or bored. Lee demonstrated her deeply held belief that everyone could work towards better health by beginning the effort at whatever point they were. While working with her, I came to believe it, too. Lee pointed me in a direction to improve my life. Her expertise and creativity provided me with a methodology I could manage. Her character supported me, with all my flaws, until I could support myself. 

Kathy Harley

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