Training with celebrity Olympic coach Lee Brandon, CSCS in LA with Olympians Markus Rogan and Omar Pinzon

Winner of the silent auction, Lindsay Taub (@lindsaytaub58) for an Olympic training session under the direction of Lee Brandon,CSCS, with Olympic Medalist, Markus Rogan(@mahrqoos) and Omar Pinzon (@omarpinzon), kicked butt in Brentwood this week!

Lee Brandon, Markus Rogan, Lindsay Taub, and Omar Pinzon
Markus using the AB-Inforcer

This was an awesome opportunity, not to mention incredibly fun!  With a capitol “F” fun,  unforgettable, powerful and inspiring. Lindsay Taub trained like a champion.  She writes in her blog:

…From the moment the hour-long training started on Tuesday, it was non-stop! One thing to the next to the next, which for me was the hardest part — I told Lee later that I need to work on my recovery time! Knowing that I’m on a lot of planes and traveling constantly, she gave me some recommendations for things to do on the road to improve and maintain my core strength. Yesterday and today, I was SORE. A good sore – from the inside out – which is exactly where it should be!
One of the great tools Lee uses in her training is the AB-Inforcer Core Trainer, which is an abdominal exercise device with built-in bio feedback. The joke is that you have to “keep your lights on” meaning the machine knows when all of your abdominal muscles are not engaged. It exposes weaknesses, while targeting unknown imbalances, restoring flexibility, improving postural awareness and ultimately isolating your key core strength.
Through each exercise or activity, I did my best to keep up. Markus was the encouraging “push harder, out further” coach, while Omar was the dreamy “yeah, yeah, you got it, you got it” cheering squad. In the end, it was an amazingly fun workout. Tiring, yes. But with motivation like these two Olympians at my side, I found myself wanting to do it all over again tomorrow! So whatdya say boys? Tomorrow? Same time, same place?! (wink, wink).

Thanks again to Lee, Omar, and Markus for the laughs, sweat, and good times! Here’s a little video from the workout:

Check out her blog for more.