Marcus Rogan, 2 Time Olympic Medalist(left)
Lee Brandon, CSCS (middle)
Ed Moses, Olympic Gold Medalist

(C) Photo provided by courtesy of Judy Francesconi
Don’t try this at home! Over head squat with bands! Wow!!!
“Marcus redefines Leonardo Di Vinci Vitruvian man. His genetically gifted real estate, are matched by his work ethic and discipline. A rare combination, indeed!” says Brandon. “It is a real honor to work with such a driven athlete!
We have 554 days till the Olympics and we are focused in preparing him to peak at the right time. He is right on track.”
Marcus placed second in Dubai at the World Championships in December, setting a personal best after on 2 months with Brandon. He is right there with Ryan Locte (American Gold medalist), without the pressure of target on his back!
“We are in the hunt, and the world class field in London will be dealing with a shredded #225 pound Lion in the pool”.
Let’s watch this lion attack!!!