On paper this 80+ year old survivor knows that the odds were stacked against her.
She had survived a double mastectomy a few years ago and had been in the gym training to develop her overall strength and conditioning(full story May 16th, 2011).

Leigh smiling in intensive care

She was struck in a head on collision in November 16th, 2011, that landed her in intensive care and  on a respirator for 5 days in ICU with extreme internal bleeding, and a broken wrist in 3 places from the high speed deployment of the airbag.

Doctors were amazed at how soon Leatrice was able to be up and around and self-sufficient.

How many of us find ourselves in difficult circumstances and don’t see our way through the maze of being injured?

Dr. Stuart Mc Gill, Expert on Spine Biomechanics and Professor at University of Waterloo in Canada, stated:  “the two greatest moves we can learn to execute for the rest of our lives is the  “POTTY SQUAT, and a STEP UP.”

After training at the gym for two years, and learning the finer skills of a hip hinge (Potty Squat, or box squat), the first words out of Leatrice’s mouth to me the first day back to the gym (8 weeks after this near fatal accident, was…”YOU SAVED MY LIFE.  Learning how to use my glutes (Buttocks muscles) allowed me to get back onto my feet faster!”

Lee Brandon, CSCS, Leatrice’s Exercise specialist, shares:  “These two moves can be done at home and their benefits are exponential for the longevity of our performance, no matter what life throws at us!”

Arch your back and squat to a chair or box in good posture.  Feel the glute (buttocks)
drive you upward!

If advanced, jumping up onto a box is a great way to challenge your system, however, as a beginner, find a smaller step and just step up or climb stairs in great posture!
Adding a balance board to encourage better balance daily is a great way to improve your gait and balance.  As a beginner, do what Lee Brandon is doing in the center and just stand on one leg.  This will strengthen your hip hinge as well.

Do these exercises 3 alternating days a week and change your life!

Lee concludes, “There is no way to prepare for the inevitability of change.  I believe there is no such thing as being too strong!  Strengthen your hip hinge skills (Squat and step up) and this will be a great skill in your arsenal, no matter the circumstance!

Leatrice, Age 80+

Leatrice is an inspiration to us all.”

  She says, “Thank God for miracles, I was home for Thanksgiving and we were all filled with gratitude…but God expects us to do the work!  She (Lee) saved my life by teaching me these skills.  I am back in the gym and stronger than ever!!!”