The AB-Inforcer Core Trainer voted as one of the 5 Abdominal Core products for 2013-2014.

Clinical Tests show that the AB-Inforcer is 200%-500% more muscle activation over the same exercises done without it!  Example:  A traditional crunch on a mat -vs- a crunch on the AB-Inforcer generates more intensity and muscular involvement doing the same movement.

Looking for a time efficient and effective training option that focuses you on form and precision?  

Take the AB-Inforcer challenge!  Call (424) 253-0106 and schedule a free phone consultation with International Fitness expert and Inventor of the AB-Inforcer,  Lee Brandon, CSCS
Two Time Long DriveChampion in Golf, First Women to be hired as a Strength coach in the NFL, 2 Time Olympic coach– VALUE of $350.00)  She worked with Brad Bose to get Robert Downey, Jr. his Iron Core!!!

Robert Downey Jr.’S Workout

If you`ve seen the movie “Iron man” you surely saw Robert Downey Jr. in his best shape.. and now i will reveal you his secret !(this picture of him is from the new movie Sherlock Holmes) :D
Robert, hired as his personal trainer for 175 $ per session Brad Bose. He has experience in wrestling, sword work, and also has a doctorate in physiology, and is part life coach.
Robert Downey Jr.’s Workout
Robert Downey trained five days a week. His workout included weightlifting, intensive martial arts training, and cardio. Bose had Robert use various unique pieces of equipment to get into shape.
The AB-Inforcer
The Ab-Inforcer is a device that gets your spine in a neutral mode to work your core muscles properly and uses sensory feedback to alert you when you’re out of alignment.
“It teaches the difference between using your abs and using your hip flexors,” says Bose, “which are usually the root of a lot of postural problems.”
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