— Sandy Ruben: 65 year old retired Librarian(Results may vary based on individual) 

“If you have arthritis, I have some advice for you. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I was told that there was no cure. 

My aching joints would get progressively worse. I decided to fight back. I tried anything and everything I heard about….deleting certain veggies from my diet, creams, doses of vinegar, taking various herbs and meds. Nothing curbed the aches. Then I noticed that my hands were changing shape and that I was walking with a new gait to compensate for pain. This led to corrective foot surgeries. I consulted an orthopedist for chronic ankle pain. When he detected no bone problems, he suggested physical therapy. That worked! I now knew that, with my arthritis, it was important to keep my muscles strong. It was frightening to know that my posture and walking stride had evolved so that I moved in whatever way helped me avoid pain. I knew that this would mean continued joint deterioration and possibly joint replacement. Time to try a personal trainer, hit the gym, and see if I could re-train my mind to sense proper posture. I had to learn that what felt right was really wrong.

Luckily I happened upon a duo of excellent trainers, Lee Brandon and Lisa Wojciechowski, who assessed my condition and started me on a regimen of exercises to strengthen the muscles that held my joints in place. Gradually my limbs straightened and the pain abated. One of the best tools in this process was their own invention, the AB-INFORCER®. The equipment’s sensors and back support helped me learn correct positioning even when my brain was telling me otherwise. Without this feedback I never would have re-learned to sense when I was aligned properly. Now I know that when I “feel” right, my body is straight and tall. Yes, I still have the rheumatoid arthritis but I now know that I am staving off further wear and tear on my joints by keeping my muscles strong and my bones straight.
Sandy Ruben: 65 year old retired Librarian. (Results may vary based on individual) conditions. Consult your Physician before starting any kind of exercise program.)