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How The Ab-Inforcer Gave Me My Quality Of Life Back, June 22, 2009
LeeAnn LaporteSee all my reviews(REAL NAME) I am 45 years old and have Parkinson’s Disease. For 5 years I have had lower back pain,neck pain and sever headaches. My Doctor increased my med’s but that did not help. I was going to physical therapy for 5 years 2 times a week but I was still getting worse, my pain my walking my muscles and my posture was getting weaker. When I had my 6 month check-up in January 2008 with my Neurologist, he said in 6 months to a year I will need somthing to help me walk. I did some research to see if there is an exercise I can do to help me with my pain, posture and get my legs stronger. If you don’t have good posture you won’t have good balance. I found an exercise called the Ab-Inforcer and I contacted the inventor(Lee Brandon). I asked her if the Ab-Inforcer has ever been used by someone with PD. She said no but after telling her a little about PD and what I was looking for in an exercise, she was willing to give it a try with me. Here is somone who did not know me and took time from her busy schedule to try to help me. I started working out with the Ab-Inforcer in May,2008. 7 weeks later my back pain was gone and so were my headaches. For 5 years physical therapy did not help and in 7 weeks I feel like a new person. I am able to play golf again with no pain, my posture is also getting better and my legs are alot stronger. I have alot more energy. At my last appointment with my Neurologist on August 4,2008, 3 months since I’ve been working out with the Ab-Inforcer, my Doctor was shocked. He could not believe how good I was doing, my walking got faster and for the first time I was able to stand up with my hands across my chest from a sitting position- a task that I could never do before. He told me to keep working with this exercise it has definitely helped me. I know this is not a cure, but it has given me a better quality of life back and I hope we can help others with PD, MS ,ect. to have the same chance. I highly recommend the Ab-Inforcer.