Core strength is critical to stand in prosthetics!
The same similar strength is necessary to find your center…

…if you have both legs, one leg or none!

Oprah at Walter Reed Medical Hospital Amputee clinic

The Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA)
The Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide rehabilitative golf experiences for combat-wounded veterans in an effort to improve the quality of life for these American heroes.

Lee Brandon, CSCS: Founder and President of AB-Vanced NEU- Spine® Technologies, LLC and 2 Time Women’s World Long Drive Champion, is a survivor of a near amputation of her left arm. Deeply touched by loss, she has dedicated her energies to promoting organizations like SMGA to help provide motivation, inspiration and education around “Core training” to our challenged heroes.

Brandon says: “I deeply believe it is our obligation to help these young people coming home to a new and challenged life! 

We have had tremendous success thus far using the core biofeedback training system called the AB- Inforcer® with double amputee’s here on the West coast. The biofeedback is an invaluable tool being used at 4 major VA Hospitals in the US with the Amputee clinics.   It is our hope and belief that the AB-Inforcer® will become an invaluable core training tool in the success-based regimen of our injured warriors.”

“When used in their training arsenal, this technology is expediting the strengthening of the core muscles and help the challenged learn additional motor control necessary for their new prostheses,” according to West Los Angeles VA, Kinesiotherapist with their amputee project. 

Once the new skills are learned the veterans will use balance, core control and then golf skills to lead them on their path to recovery.

Bob Wieland, “Mr Inspiration”, a Vietnam War Veteran says, “It is difficult to train your core as a double amputee. The AB-Inforcer® isolated CORE muscles I had not felt in years! This will help so many of our vets in the similar situation.”

Jim Estes, the President of SMGA, brought Lee in for a  educational and motivational clinic. The goal of the clinic was to educate the Vets about the importance of core strength, encourage them to embrace their new challenges and also to inspire them by putting on a long ball driving exhibition. Lee says: “there is life beyond loss.” 

“It is a very different life, but one filled with different goals and many new amazing things to accomplish. I know on a deep and personal level how important it is to have hope and specific goals when one is trying to overcome such trauma. SMGA is a great program and more people need to know about the battle these returning young men and women are facing when coming home. It is an honor and a privilege to be involved in this amazing program.”

We are looking forward to future participation and more involvement in the future.