Swimming is often recommended for those with back pain, yet, so many times the mechanism of injury is replicated by excessive neck and lower back movement in the water.

A collapsed spine at the start…

Poor posture is replicated on the starting block (as seen above) and in the water, repetitive motion and break down occurs at the weak links in the spine unless it is strengthened and braced by turning on the correct postural and core muscles in the water. Some of the greatest world class swimmers know how to replicate these neutral zones and partially stiffen up their spine to plane out in the water. This creates greater speed and greater longevity to a swimmers spine without the repetitive micro trauma.

Mike Alexandrov driving a powerful spine angle into the water

Dave Huslig, Physical Therapist, from VALIR PT in Oklahoma City, OK, said “after only 1 treatment with the AB-Inforcer, a swimmer with 2 months of Lower Back Pain reported feeling much better. The addition of the AB-Inforcer was the only intervention I changed with his protocol which allowed for the reduction of pain and increased mobility of his lumbar joints.”

The 3 sensors in the AB-Inforcer teach the patient quickly how to plane out the spine and maintain neutral zones while functioning in the water. In this case with this swimming athlete, in one supervised treatment the postural awareness provided by the biofeedback in the AB-Inforcer allowed the athlete to stay pain free! Sign us up!

Michael Alexandrov

Lee Brandon, CSCS trains Olympic Swimmers to focus on spine first, extremities second!

Marcus Rogan, 2Time Olympian and Silver Medalist Training with  Lee  for London 2012, using the AB-Inforcer, with cables and dumbbells simultaneously  to simulate the fatigue in the water of the extremities, but the precise stiffness necessary out of the spine! The hand piece lights up when doing the exercises properly!