Bo Jacobson, drummer for the Terry Byrne Band and plays bass in Automatik Slim (Tom Pettys son’s band). 
Also, he works alongside composer Alan Lazar, producing the music for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County on Bravo. 

Santa Monica, CA:  Bo Jacobson, Musician and student, shares his story of overcoming pain.

I originally came to Lee with a displaced rib that I had injured from working out with improper technique.

After the first session, I was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise that I asked to see her at least twice a week. In six months, she has helped transform my health and body. 

She stresses proper technique which has made me feel extremely confident in the gym knowing I am not putting anything at risk while getting the most from each rep. My previous collapsed posture and lower back problems have vanished and I have never felt healthier in my life. 
She introduced me to the ab-inforcer, which is by far the most incredible abdominal workout I have ever done in my life. It demands proper technique, which will make your abs stronger than ever while protecting your lower back and neck. I decided to purchase my own and is simple and easy to use. I get on it twice a day for a minute to two minutes each time and have found it to be the most effective way to strengthen my core. Coincidently, my work as a musician has also improved. 
As a drummer, having proper technique and consistency is very important and there is no doubt in my mind that my proper posture and strength has only improved my playing. My job as a composer also has me stuck to a chair for hours on end, but being aware of my tall posture and proper stretches keeps me from going to bed with a sore body. 
Lee is one of the best out there. She will work at a comfortable speed with you while pushing you to your limits. I feel healthier, stronger and more confident because of the training I have done with her and recommend her and the ab-inforcer to anyone looking for the most effective, proper way to train.