As a Strength and Conditioning Coach for many years, I have had the honor of working with thousands of great athletes.

Two most recent standouts I’d love to highlight are Chris Archer, Tampa Bay Ray’s Major League Pitcher, and David DeJesus 13 year veteran of the game.


2013 Rookie of the Year nominee and Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Chris Archer is, by far, one of the most humble and down-to-earth people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  When I asked Chris, “What is your greatest and most significant secret you’d like to share all young athletes,” he stated:  “It all starts from the ground up.”

Answering the same question, David DeJesus stated, “Have vision and train hard, and give back.”  Both outstanding tips and significant.  Each of these tips I will highlight in future blogs.

Stanford University did a recent research study where they found that, “Attitude was more important than IQ as a predictor of success.  Psychologist Carol Dweck has spent her entire career studying attitude and performance, and found that people’s core attitudes fall into one of two categories: a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

Both of these gentlemen have infectious attitudes, growth oriented vision, and constantly researching and reinventing their goals with a high degrees of success.  You’ll never meet two more positive visionaries with greater track records.

There is so much to discuss here, but most folks hate reading long blogs…so

The Anaylisis:  Greatness not only comes from within, but the ability to stay out of a rut:  constant reinvention and reevaluation of goals with an unswerving perseverance and determination to Drive, Drive, Drive!!!   What makes you great on one day, may need to be re-thought, reinvented and spun on the next.  Stay open minded.  The human body is fluid, and greatness is not easily maintained.  Focus on your short and long-term strategies for the longevity of your career (no matter what you do:  delivery worker, mom, or pro MLB star…), seems to be the common denominator.

This is the greatest wisdom for repeating success.  MORE TO COME.


Archer founded the Archway Foundation with the vision of empowering the youth. “The youth are the future of the world, and if I can use this baseball platform to positively impact as many lives as I can, I think I’m serving my mission.”