September 2018’s been an intense month!  Isn’t that life…the best of times and the worst of times, and we stay in FAITH in the middle.

My mom lost her courageous battle with cancer 2 days after we were in Oklahoma at the World Long Drive Championships.

Thank you to my mom for the gifts of love, drive, character, perseverance, and thank you to the great champion@Phillis.Meti for your belief in those gifts!


I had the honor of training Phillis for 5 months leading up to WLDC Championships.  She and I worked tirelessly to prepare her for the known and unknown.


Stay posted for workshops and information on THE SECRETS to TRAIN LIKE A WORLD CHAMPION.

PhIllis Meti: 3 Time World Long Drive Champion and Lee Brandon: 2 Time World Long Drive Champion PHOTO BY: @picsbyyoli

I am eternally grateful to all of you for your love, prayers, and support.

Here’s to all of us navigating this thing called “LIFE” as powerfully and gracefully as we can, like a fighter and a champion through the best and worst of times!

I love you all!


In strength,