Maybe some of you have the same burning questions that never get answered!
For example:
I always wondered how hosting countries logistically managed providing services and accommodations to the worlds best athletes?
Burning questions like:
How do world class athletes find peace on the road in the midst of such an intense competition? Go to the balcony for a champions view, of course…

How do extra big and tall athletes with jet lag, actually sleep comfortably in a strange bed? I wanted to know their secret!
The answer: cute bedspreads and 18″ foam bed extenders, of course:)

How can thousands of the worlds best athletes eat when the need to…eat what they want,…anytime they want…for free? The answer astounded me…

Here’s an inside look at the Olympian Meal Hall.
Astounding inside view of this huge facility that is secure, open 24 hours, every type of food you can imagine, with food bars dedicated to creating flavors for every part of the world. It’s like visiting the United Nations and doing a taste test of foods from 204 countries represented here in London. It is the size of a football field, with a staff to match. This alone is one of the greatest gastrointestinal feasts I have ever beheld under one roof. Truly astounding!
I don’t know if any of you saw the end of the video and how USA ‘s food choice is exported as McDonalds. What shocked me more, we’re the number of international athletes feasting there and re cueing to refill. Hmmmm…I would pay money to see those athletes in their 40’s:). Maybe it’s a technique we use to slow them down…not sure it’s working:)
Here’s how real champions fill up. This was not staged, and truly what we were eating:) (fish and every organic veggie we could load on our plate).

London weather delivered today it’s thunderous furry:

And no day is complete without a view from the London Bridge in between the drops!

A special thank you: I have been blessed to meet the nicest, most gracious hosts. Thank you Renee and Uri SOLNITZKY and daughter Ani, for sharing your home with me and giving me the opportunity to come to London for the Olympics.

Tea and scones anyone?