For those of you who know me personally, you know my life is the epitome of “Winning comes in many forms.”

How many of us can actually say we are in the top 16 in the world at anything( they both made the semi finals)? If I’m honest with you all, the 2′ TV show we see, takes years and hours of preparation, dedication and old fashioned work. I have a whole new appreciation for all of that now after being behind the scenes here at the OV ( Olympic Village). Below is the swimming arena. Amazing walk.

Omar Pinzon fought gallantly, but it just wasn’t his day. :(. He left it all in the pool, so huge props! Don’t we all hate when the answer from the universe is “NO, NOT TODAY!”

Markus Rogan was disqualified for an illegal dolphin kick after the turn from backstroke to breaststroke. The Austrian swimming federation lodged a protest against the decision, which was denied by officials. It would not have mattered anyway, as an overturning of the DQ would have placed Rogan ninth and out of the final.
“I had a feeling (this morning) that this would be my last day as an athlete,” Rogan told Austrian news website “I fought in the semifinals for a career extension (to swim in the finals).”
According to the Austrian news, they stated: Rogan is likely ending an illustrious Olympic career that includes two silver medals in the backstrokes in 2004 and a fourth-place finish in the 200 back in 2008. He was expected to be a medal contender in the 200 IM tomorrow after a fifth-place finish at the 2011 world championships. He was an NCAA champion in the backstrokes and 200 IM for Stanford University.
Both Omar Pinzon and Markus Rogan are great champions, gentlemen, and most importantly…great people. It has been an honor to work with them, and call them my friends. I have to thank them for including me in their Olympic vision quests. Their courage and sportsmanship are only surpassed by their generosity. These men are champions in life. Sport has always been about developing character and the person within. Markus and Omar are golden in my book no matter what the race results show. They will forever be Olympians and remain assets to the world as GREAT MEN.
Scenes leaving the venue:
this Brit is wrapped in his jack!

This young girl loved this horse…

This Japanese senior wins my “super fan award”…

Walking out, everyone was dancing, shouting and the ever present bobbies were on their beats!

In love and strength,
Lee Brandon,C.S.C.S. Reporting to you from XXX LONDON OLYMPICS

Location:Stratford, UK