By Leatrice of Los Angeles
Age:  80
Santa Monica, California:  “My Life is Mine Once More–I Feel More Like Me”

“A few years ago I had to go through a radical double mastectomy. Everything in my life changed.  Though the surgery was successful, my life had changed.   I had such difficulty reaching, bending, lifting;  Basic functioning on daily activities was challenged at best.  For example, I couldn’t reach for the same dishes.  My upper body was stiff and my arms were unable to straighten or stretch!  Due to the surgery, I found a downward cascading affect on my bodies performance and started having horrible back problems.  I was forced to use a cane.  The epidurals recommended by my Doctor for pain relief, did not provide me a long term solution.  I was frustrated with Physical Therapy, and at my wits end!
When I started training using the AB-Inforcer*,  I no longer needed my cane to help me walk.  I started stretching and using weights, and I am no longer bent over walking because I am aware of better posture and my balance has even improved.  I can reach, bend, sit, and do my life and FEEL MORE LIKE ME!!!  My life is mine once more!”
**WARNING: *Results may vary depending on your special circumstances.  Please speak to your health care provider and fitness professional before beginning any exercise program!

Laughing on the bike!

Enjoying a stretch with a smile!