Working with Lee Brandon, CSCS has been the best investment ever … Not only has she helped to transform my body in radically miraculous ways, but I now have phenomenal postural awareness which I never have had in my life.

 I now have a beautiful curve in my back and a more stabilized spine due to our sessions and the Ab-Inforcer work… I now have a beautiful derriere – which I have never had and people have called me “June No Butt” my entire life! I now have a more defined waist line as the result of stronger and more developed lats! I now have the best posture that is sustainable wherever I go! I love how Lee is so focused on correct postural form while we are doing all the exercises rather than “short term results of just looking good,” but in the end, the truth is Lee’s exercises and training have given me my best body ever!!!!

Most importantly, I am holding my head up high, proud to be in my new body, comfortable to be in my body, feeling sexy, sensual and attractive … not attached to what size I am, not attached to my high heels (which wreaked havoc on my calves and prevented me from running without injury!), not attached to how I look just from the front and from what I can see, but feeling great from within because she has helped me to prioritize what is truly important – building a strong body from within which will lead to long-term supreme health and well-being so I can continue to adventure and soar thru life feeling younger, better, and stronger every single day!
After three arduous, challenging and exciting months of rehabilitating my Achilles Tendon and calves, with your personal training, amazing bodywork sessions, encouragement and support, I was thrilled yesterday under your supervision to be able to run a 10mph sprint easily and effortlessly … after three months of not running at all!!!! I had strained sprinting 8 or 9 mph in the past on my own! I felt like a gazelle, and most importantly, I was pain-free and felt marvelous afterwards!!!
This past year and a half, Lee and her training system have taught me to focus on my most powerful muscles to drive my body!!! Thru these brilliant exercises and careful attention to every move while training , I have learned to finally connect with my lats, glutes, abs in a way that I have never understood, and I believe my body is responding divinely!!!
I get it, Lee!!! Use my largest muscle groups to sculpt and drive my body!!! Of course, the metaphor is not lost on me as I am now also learning to capitalize on my biggest talents to drive my life’s work!!!
Thank you for being my “rock star” personal trainer, best postural awareness and body expert, and divine healer to maximize the body that God has given to me and help me fulfill its greatest potential!!!
I look forward to continuing our work together and receiving more of your extraordinary expertise to create even more miracles with my body!!!!!!
With love, light, and tremendous gratitude and respect,
June Saruwatari
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