I love the song by Garth Brooks, “Unanswered Prayers” because it allows me to put into one of my  life files the things I can’t control nor understand!

 I have 3 Life files:

1.  The one that holds all the things I can understand, control and work on…TODAY!
2.  The To Do file:  My action lists and future steps I would like to control… TOMORROW!
3.  AND MY” I DONT UNDERSTAND IT” FILE…  For everything else unexplainable.

Believe it or not, this gives me a great sense of comfort knowing this file exists and that I can look back after numerous years, and re open that, “I DONT UNDERSTAND IT” FILE,  and see that it actually had great significance in forming who I am today!

For example, In 1979 I had a near death experience after falling through a plate glass window in a locker room door.  Nt only was my arm reattached, but my olympic dreams and collegiate competitive career was ended before it began.  While my peers were out dating and having fun,…I was in therapy every night trying to retrain my fingers and hand to work.  I was resentful, and had a hard time in college understanding “why me”!

One of my college professors, Dr. Albert, sat me down with his wife and said something I will never forget!  “THROW OUT THE TAPE!”  YOU MIGHT NOT EVER UNDERSTAND IT(why bad, unexplainable things happen), WHY YOU HAD THE LOSS AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE!  STOP REPLAYING THE LOSS AND TELLING THE STORY OVER AND OVER!  THROW OUT THE TAPE.”  That day I created a pact with myself to put my loss behind me and file it in my “I DONT UNDERSTAND IT” FILE, and stop focusing on my loss!

Today, 33 years later, I can say that my near loss of my left arm, is one of the greatest things that happened to me.   It allows me to be a great coach, teacher, and mentor because there is not a pain I haven’t felt twice or a day I didn’t feel like quitting!  If you don’t feel like quitting, your not trying hard enough!

I just found this link to a video someone shot when I spoke to the Physical Therapy Chapter at Oklahoma University in Tulsa to PT’s, Doctors, and PT aides.

For those of you going through tough times.  Create a “I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT FILE” and throw out the negative tapes, victimized language, and create a new story.  Someday, like me, you may understand that your negative experience allowed you to become a Champion and inspire thousands with your inventions, successes, and example!

This video shares it all:  I hope you enjoy and write me to tell me your story…
Lee Brandon’s Story

or cut and past this link into another window if the link doesn’t work:  http://strengthperformance.com/video/video/show?id=2188807%3AVideo%3A202391