Michael Alexandrov knows the value of training in ‘neutral spine’!
Marcus and Mike enjoying the California sun

Marcus Rogan, Austrian 2 Time Olympic Silver Medalist and Mike training

Lee Brandon, CSCS and Michael Alexandrov
“The AB-Inforcer initially did not make since to me,” stated Michael Alexandrov, USA national record holder in the breast stroke.
“I was not aware that I was rotated and had muscular core imbalances that were affecting my lower back and postural position in the water.  It gave me awareness and information to transfer functionally into the water regarding awareness of ‘turning my lights on’ and bracing’.  Even though theoretically I did not get it in the beginning, it is invaluable information.  
Now I can maintain my correct lumbar curvature and keep my core and entire posture engaged for my whole race.”  You don’t have to understand it or how the AB-Inforcer Core Biofeedback Trainer works.  
Lee Brandon, CSCS, Olympic Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, states:  “Once you learn the techniques and awareness 2 dimensionally on the machine (AB-Inforcer) and practice it functionally in the water.  ‘Practice makes permanent” and then you program a new neuromuscular motor pattern grooving a whole new water dynamic position duplicating great neutral spine biomechanics in the pool!” 
USA Olympic Trials for this summers London Olympic games, start June 24th, 2012.
Keep your eye out for this great talent on the USA team!!!”