May 15th, 2011:  TESFAYE, “My Hope” Delivers in Ethiopia 

This inspiring relief effort was captured by Von Herzen.  Austrian 3 Time Olympian, Marcus Rogan, Volunteers his time and shares his thoughts here about this great, inspiring project called TESFAYE, meaning “MY HOPE.”
Below is a short interview between Lee and Marcus:

Lee:  This video is so inspiring, what is TESFAYE and what do they do?

Marcus:  Tesfaye means ‘hope’ in Amharic (the local language in Ethiopia).  It gives children access to education, and guarantee’s fresh water, shelter, and food to over 160 children.
Lee:  Your in training for your fourth Olympiad, which is no easy feat, what would winning another medal at the London 2012 Olympics mean to you?
Marcus:  My perspective is kept in check by my friends in Ethiopia.  They have helped me to see the Olympic Games as just that, GAMES!  They have taught me more than I could ever teach them!  The poorest of the poor, are the richest on the planet when it comes to matters of the heart!  Training hard for my 4th Olympiad is easy when I know what I am doing it for:  Winning a Gold medal in my world, provides me the opportunity to improve their world!
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Lee and Marcus
Photo provided courtesy of Judy Francesconi