Before I started using the AB-inforcer I had constant pain and stiffness in my lower back. I don’t know if it was caused by carrying around my young son, pilates, yoga, life… but nothing I tried to fix it worked. I had been told it might be arthritis and that spinal fusion surgery might help. Yikes! Luckily, I found the AB-inforcer. Within two months my back pain was gone! I’ve been pain free for a year now and know that it was simply a matter of not exercising with the correct postural awareness. The AB-inforcer is a no-brainer for anyone who has back pain. I consider it a life saver!

Teri’s Trainer, Lee Brandon, CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), stated:  “though there are many reasons for back pain, most experts can agree that training your core muscles in good form is the first line of defense to protect the spine!  The AB-Inforcer(R) Core biofeedback trainer is a tool in our arsenal that allows me as a professional to see quantitatively that the spine is not flattening, while the correct muscles are engaging in good neutral zones.  Teri is an exemplary case, but it is a tribute to her doing her AB-Inforcer drills everyday, lifting weights twice a week, and being committed to modifying damaging habits (repetitively sitting, bending and lifting in poor posture).”

Teri’s story is common.  Many of us concede to back pain blaming it on age or irreparable injury with no solution.  ”  This is not always the case,” says Lee. (read more)

We know a child must crawl before they run! But what happens when we are walking, running, squatting, etc. and can’t crawl? As babies we first developed core stability through on-ground movements and patterns (crawling, scooting, pulling ourselves up, hip hinging) which eventually translates to upright stability. As adults we tend to lose our ability to function on the ground. It’s the use it or lose it, principle. Compression, poor posture and Injuries disturb any system. 

 Could it be possible that our complex patterns in movement can benefit from more efficient on supported patterns? 

The spine is inherently unstable and research shows that our bodies are not built like a rigid pole or designed to be constantly super stiff, but instead exhibit a continuous flow of tension throughout the whole system and functions most efficiently when moving like a team of connected movements. This said however, it is critical to have the spine stabilized for distal speed and performance.  “That’s why the AB-Inforcer works!,” states Lee Brandon, CSCS, “due to it’s simple to complex progressions that can teach anyone supported crawling patterning while encouraging the hip flexors to take a back seat to core strength.  We can teach very quickly the correct spinal stiffness and fluidity of legs and arms on a simple to complex continuum, mimicking necessary patterns to lead a healthy, pain free life!”

 There are many tools available as seen above that can aide in this learning progression as seen above with Lee teaching 60 Physical Therapists her techniques at the Physical Therapy Association Workshop as seen above.  

Remember POSTURE = POWER!  The AB-Inforcer is a critical first step to reinstating spinal awareness and strength!