Lee Brandon, CSCS, the inventor and founder of AB-Vanced NEU-Spine Technologies has been invited to speak in Orlando to Hospital Health Care Practitioners regarding the clinical applications of using the AB-Inforcer® as a tool in their arsenal at 4 out patient clinics. “We are honored to be invited to visit the Orlando Hospitals and share this outstanding spine stabilizing exercise system with them.”
“There are over 55 plus hospitals in the state of California alone that have placed AB-Inforcer’s into their facilities being used by Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy assistants and Chiropractors,” according to the Sammons Preston Roylan representative, one of the Largest Medical Catalogs in the world.
According to the reps, “the AB-Inforcer® is offering Health care facilities a low cost (fitting their discretionary budgets), high return device that is delivering high quality PAY FOR PERFORMANCE results.” It is being used as a tool in their arsenal to teach spinal bracing, dead-bug protocols and neutral spine awareness, according to some experts surveyed.
According to Dr. Dan Jones, the AB-Inforcer® is a solution oriented technology. According to the National Institute for Health, there are 3 areas of interest in the personal health arena:
1. Prevention,
2. Surveillance,
3. Rehabilitation.
“According to my research”, Dr Jones stated: “the AB-Inforcer falls into all 3 of these categories and is a visionary technology to be reckoned with!”