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NSCA National Convention 2010
Lee answers questions regarding
innovative core strategies
for beginners to advanced Olympians.

The AB-Inforcer with the Shuttle are a 1-2 Knockout
teaching precision with movement.
“There is nothing new about simple to complex
progressions to guarantee performance and functionality improvement,” says Lee.
It’s just so easy to skip the humbling steps of pre-habilition.
Make sure a body knows what FORM is expected prior to loading.”

The AB-Inforcer Core Biofeedback Trainer
was designed to give feedback
on many moving protocols.
One of Lee’s favorites is the Shuttle!
The Shuttle MVP is a quality system that allows the leg(s)
to explode, and so often the spine breaks away.
This can be addressed here (as seen above)
 to tighten up and purify the kinetic chain for performance”

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Shuttle MVP by Shuttle Systems 
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