I hope you’re doing well. It was a while ago that I had the opportunity to blog with you all.

I had the opportunity to present at the PGA Golf Tradeshow in Orlando last January, and was interviewed by but the Amazing APP Magazine: YouWorkout.

My feature piece in this latest issue, as finally been released on the Apple App Store!

Here is a link to find the magazine on iTunes:

My feature, according to author Zoe Sophos, “Lends a great depth and balance to the magazine, which would not have been possible without your generosity and willingness to give us your time. For that, I am incredibly grateful and extend my sincerest appreciation. We are also very honored and excited to say that YouWorkout Volume 3 has recently been named to the top spot of the “What’s Hot” section of the Health, Mind and Body genre on iTunes.

This is an amazing format and powerful publishing of great workout information and I am so grateful to be included in this amazing pioneering effort!

The Annual subscription is $7.99 for 4 issues, but the wisdom in its pages is well worth it.  I found it user friendly (if I can navigate is easily, I know all of you can…it’s so intuitive).

*I am not affiliated with them, so I make nothing for this endorsement.  I will always promote great products for your arsenal!