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One Believer at a time!

Lee Brandon, CSCS and Marcus Rogan 
after SI Europe Photo shoot by
Christopher Kelemen:
“Laughing is a huge part of our training!” says Lee

“Training with heavy chains, creates fluidity and variable resistance that kettle bells and barbells don’t deliver.”

“This #20 bundle of chains gets challenging
…don’t try this at home (below)”

Hanging suspended in a rowing position
 with his feet on a box, Marcus Rogan trains to failure,
with a weight and chains on his upper torso, while pulling himself up and down!”  WOW!
He trains extremely hard, and doesn’t 
know partial effort!  He is impressive…
See us live in Detroit next weekend April 9th 
and 10th in Ann Arbor, Michigan
 at the Grand Prix (see blog below for full details)


**Special thanks to Christopher Kelemen Photography from Europe for the use of these shots).