Join us in the “Live-IT” CHALLENGE

Hi. My name is Dominique Karan. I am a professional Singer, Performer, and mom! 

I WAS 568 pounds in 2012 when I tried out for the TV Show the Biggest Looser.  I was told: “YOUR TOO BIG FOR THE BIGGEST LOOSER!”   

Truth is, I was told the producers didn’t select me because I exceeded their weight limit–  another NO, another failure.

I was looking for help to lose weight and found Lee Brandon’s No Fail Weight Loss Program.  She gave me the educational foundation to loose #70 pounds in 2 years and keep it off (I’m today #498).
Now I am ready for the next level–  and “Live-IT DON’T Die-IT” with Lee!


Now,  I’m challenging you all to join me in committing to ourselves and those we love to “Live-IT” don’t Die-IT” with Lee, and challenge ourselves, individually and collectively to take our lives to the next level.  
I am willing to expose my story in the hopes that there are others of you out there who have tried everything and have failed.  Lee’s system won’t allow you to fail!
I’m a single mom who went about the business of raising two kids, maintaining a home, reporting for mom duties, kids after school actives  volunteer mom and a full time day job. 
Somehow, within all this I ignored my health, I stopped looking in the mirror. I completely ignored what was happening to my body and I found myself morbidly obese. Who the hell wants to be that! As the kids got older and need less of me i started trying to change this. Over the last 10 yrs I’ve tried and failed at all the popular weight loss products out there. Like Lindora, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, 6 week body makeover and everything else u can find on an infomercial.

 Sigh***..Thank God I found Lee Brandon. She has constructed a realistic plan and workout suited for my food likes,  body size, injuries and arthritic knees. After my meeting and  workout with Lee today I’m excited and confident this time I will succeed with my fitness goals.  Join our FIT BOD SQUAD, follow US, lets ALL dedicate the next 12 weeks to inspire each other, and using Lee’s system to bring us all to a new zip code of health!  
If I can do it…..I promise you, anybody can do it!  xoxo  Dominique

#568 POUNDS JUNE 2012
NOW #498



There are 45 Million Women in the United States size 14 or larger and considered PLUS-SIZE.  Most of that 45 million are considered morbidly obese!  Our goal is to guide you to being healthy first,  and not hyper-focusing on the numbers.  Lee Brandon, CSCS has been considered plus size, yet at 220 lbs., she created “Live-IT NOT Die-IT” because of the myths that exist in the fitness industry around weight and fat loss!  “There is hope.”


THE PLAN:  Over the next 12 weeks we will share Lee Brandon’s Secrets to “Live-IT NOT Die-IT” Program!


Lets Start:  (follow this blog and over the next series of weeks these points will be discussed at  length.)

1.  Take photo’s with a magazine like above.  3 views in front of a grid of some sort (possibly a doorway or door for progress shots).

2. Get a waist measurement:  Do it in Feet and inches…around the largest part of the low abdomen, just below the waist and around the top of the hip

3.  Check with your physician and make sure you can exercise.

4.  Pain is not gain, but “Intensity” is gain.  If any exercise hurts–STOP!  DO NOT TRAIN THROUGH PAIN.  Not all exercises shown here will be designed for you personally, but may need to be modified by your Health Care advisor.

5.  Sign up for APP:  My Fitness Pal (FREE):  You can at a glance see numerically what your consuming.

6.  Keep track of your “Fidget Factor”.  Fat chooses to be burnt at a lower level of activity due to it being a survival fuel…increasing your over all Fidgeting will increase your metabolism exponentially.  

7.  Reduce consumption by 20%.  Focus on quality food consumption, so “Live-IT NOT Die-IT” tip would be have 1 beer not 4.  Loose one slice of bread in a sandwich…

8.  Eat on a smaller plate:  If your used to eating everything on your plate, change the plate!

9.  Nike Running App for walking tracker:  Brilliant for tracking all walking, not just running.  Walk and swing your arms!  If your not looking funny, your not doing it right!  

10.  Add more water, 2- 8 oz. am upon waking/  1-8 oz. glass prior to every meal.   it takes 20′ for the stomach to send a signal that it’s full.  

11.  Loose all white foods:  White, sugar, white bread, white potatoes…  

12.  Add more Fiber:  Flax and dietary fiber…berries…

13.  6 strict days, 1 day off.  1 CHEAT DAY!  Life’s too short not to have a glass of RED Wine!  I’m just saying!!!

14.  Exercise 4x’s week 30′:  Form is everything!  A tall Posture burns more calories than a collapsed one due to the amount of muscle it takes to hold you taller!  

15.  Wait…Weight!  THROW YOUR SCALE OUT!  So many women obsess over the numbers.  This is disastrous.  More to come later!  Get your initial numbers and hide it!





1.  WALK TALL:  Treadmill, elliptical, Bike…  Move and sing your favorite song!  If it’s 5’…do it!  Track it!

2.  Here are a few fun pulling drills:

Put tube around belly button and use your muscles to pull…


Lee Brandon, CSCS is an internationally recognized Strength and Conditioning Expert and educator with more than 30 years of experience in the fitness industry.  Lee has the distinction of being the first female Assistant Strength Coach to work in the NFL, has twice been recognized as the World Long Drive Champion, with drives exceeding 325 yards, and twice has been an Olympic Coach (1984 Los Angeles, 2013 London).  
Lee’s patented training  system was used in London XXX 2012 Olympic Games training Olympians inside the Olympic Village. She inspires, educates and motivates, and powerfully bridges the gap between bad backs and elite performance. 
Lee is an author, educator, motivational speaker and professional athlete who continues to be featured in numerous media outlets including CBS, NBC, Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, the Golf Channel and ESPN.

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