Dr. Jeff Litow, MD.,  

Age 67

“I won the TPC Saw Grass Pro Am Long Drive event in May with a drive of 291 yards. I came to Lee Brandon, CSCS and trained using the AB-Inforcer® and the “simple to complex” Neu-Spine® exercise progressions for less than 6 months and got incredible results.”

Dr. Litow continued, “When I met Lee I had some back pain and spine issues, and drove the ball 200-220 (180-200 meters) on a good day.

Now I am out driving myself by 50-90 yards (45-85 meters) in the same conditions, with the same driver/ shaft configuration, on the same hole.

For the first time in my life, I won a Long Drive hole, and I’m only 5’6″.

I out drove guys who were twice my weight and size!


SPINE SPARING SECRET:  Here is one of our secrets to stop the “Buckling/ Collapsing” mechanism of the spine at impact!

Using biofeedback of the AB-Inforcer
(2 Dimensionally to learn bracing skills in neutral spine standing while the arms move freely),

…in combination with the feedback of a foam roller 3D

Gluteal Amnesia is overcome by waking up the
hip hinging action with a SQUAT.
Teaching neutral spine with “bracing skills”

This series of progressions are powerful tools in our arsenal that are  inexpensive ways to train the spine to be stiffer so the hands and legs can move faster while “SPARING THE SPINE!”

One of the benefits is “LONGER DRIVES, WITH NO BACK DISCOMFORT (or minimized)!”  Obviously, results may vary depending on the personalized circumstances of each individuals situation!

Encouraging the entire spine to brace properly
always includes the head/ neck positioning and awareness…
Address position:  Add sport specific progressions with
 close attention to the entire spines performance.
Add rotation with spine precision…

Add speed once you own the “spine sparing” patterns necessary
 to keep core muscles and the entire spine in “neutral zones” at impact!