There is a fine line between training and straining.   Wisdom of loading should prevail.  Every system has a tolerance of handling strain:  whether it is an automobile or a sky scraper, analyzing what any structure can handle under strain is critical….this is especially true with the human body.  Every system has a point at which it buckles, collapses, and/or strains.  Dr. Stuart McGill, PhD, and researcher at the University of Waterloo, has documented these human structural “buckling mechanisms.”   Gravity affects us all and knowing how to use it to our benefit is powerful information.

Creating a training routine with safe progressions and great form should drive every motion.

If you are having little overuse pains…”dings”….small pain messages from your body inside a workout or after a workout, spend some time re-evaluating your form and progressions and load.  Those messages have to be listened to, so if you feel a “ding” immediately re-evaluate.

Remember, great results take time.  Prepare your body with great work, great form, amazing rest, and pure food.   This is what makes great champions and keeps them champions.

Become your  best this 2016,

Lee Brandon, CSCS, RSCC*E


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