Well, it’s 102 outside today.

Fabulously dry!  Oh, so amazing…

Just to be here is so exciting!
Visualization at the empty grid prior to the event is powerful home field advantage. 

Why am I here?  I love this adrenaline.  I love this sport. I already have the ring and Tee shirt, so truly I’m here to have fun and enjoy such a wonderful event and powerful group of women.
 In the end, after all is said and done, the events over, it’s our friends and family that make sanity out of the insanity!!!  

For example,  After 30 years, my favorite HS Geometry teacher– Mr. DiGiovanni– and I reconnected for lunch in LV prior to the Championships.

His influence, belief and support, in part, inspired me to invent the AB-Inforcer(R) Core Biofeedback Trainer.  It is now being used as a therapeutic training tool in over 300 clinics for those with bad backs!  It’s simple geometry that teaches bracing for bad backs. 

In the end, I am constantly reminded, winning is not always about being the best in the World, but our investment in others that cross our paths!  There’s no ring from great memories, no Tee shirt for silent investments in others lives– manner a fact, Mr. D’s selfless investment in my life has made me a better person. His belief helped me find my brilliance, and now downstream his selfless deeds are impacting thousands! 
I am here to hit 5 sets (2 min, 45 sec per set) of six golf balls, someone will win!  I will give it 100% because that’s all I know how to do. If I am blessed to be the last women standing, we will celebrate…if not we stand and celebrate any way because we have already won!