Las Vegas, Nevada: Trade Show

Lee Brandon, CSCS shows how to do explosive Jumping drills with Lisa Wojo on the Shuttle MVP using the AB-Inforcer for Core performance and biofeedback on the shuttle. It re-inforces neutral spine positioning while teaching the correct muscles to co-contract and brace for increases leg speed and power!
“The Shuttle MVP/ AB-Inforcer Core feedback system combined are two of my favorite training tools we use to guarantee good form with resistance and speed!
Both are durable tools in our arsenal we use for / pre-hab/ rehab and performance progressions,” says Lee.

Get to one of the major Trade shows and check it out… APTA, OPTA, NATA, NSCA

Carlos Santana with Lee Brandon:

“Your a strong, tall glass of water”, Carlos said.

“Wow, sounds more like a good Scotch to me :)” Lee said Laughing…