If I had a dollar for every time I am asked the secrets to length off the Tee at any age, I always have the same answer: “Get Dr. Stuart McGills books, educate your self about your BACK PERFORMANCE and MANAGEMENT.”

I have had the unbelievable honor of working closely with Dr. McGill over the years to cut through all the abundance of misinformation and objectify how to create repeatable results. I have used myself as my primary student to experiment on and one of my life long missions is to help us all do what we love for longer!

I have been blessed to be a World Champion and Train World Champions. It is my honor to assist in preparing you for the 2021 golf season with tested drills and tips to truthfully change your game and performance.

How many of you golf?  Dr. Stuart McGill Backfitpro Inc. and I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate on the NEW SCIENCE OF GOLF!  


     These objective, researched based tips, research and exercises will help SPARE YOUR SPINE:  


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2019 in Los Angeles
This client was told he would never golf again…Think again. Through using these techniques, he went on to win his club championship after training in this system we are sharing with you! “Lee and her technology changed my life…”
Winner, Winner,…The smile tells the pain free spine sparing story! *It goes unsaid that results may vary! Speak to your Dr. before beginning any exercise program

In Strength always,