Being an athlete at any age is exciting.  Being in the arena is where great athletes come alive!

It’s an honor to be still in the game at any age and a huge feat and accomplishment to hit a personal best at 330 yards in competition.  Setting a Record at any age is a blessing and an honor at a #WorldLongDrive Tour event on #GolfChannel in a sanctioned Long Drive Tour event with the cameras documenting it.

It has come to our attention it is NOT a World Record yet, because there is NO Women’s Masters Division….yet!”  THERE SHOULD BE!!!


I will continue my mission to bring attention to sponsors and #WorldLongDrive and #GolfChannel, that there are great female golfers and former World Champions, that still deliver a show and great performances.  Lets consider for a moment that I have a list of 25 Women over 45+ yrs, already confirmed to compete in a Long Drive Event if there were a Women’s Masters 35+ Division.  For the record, THE FACT IS:  Since 2000(over 18 years), there has been an over 45+ Mens Masters division, yet, as a competitor, if a women wants to compete, it is against women 40 years younger!!!  My 17 year old spine…would have kicked my 55+ spines butt!  Thats like hitting against your grandchild….who does that…it’s humbling.  I hate loosing….but, in order to fight for a place to compete for the young women now competing and future Women’s Master’s champions, attention needs to be brought to this sad fact!  PLEASE PASS ON THE POWER MESSAGE:

WLD Clash in the Canyon -- Season: 2017 -- Pictured: (l-r) Talent Name as Character Name, Talent Name as Character Name -- (Photo by: Jessica Danser/Golf Channel)

WLD Clash in the Canyon — Season: 2017 — Pictured: Lee Brandon — (Photo by: Jessica Danser/Golf Channel)

Competition brings out the best and/or worst in us.  The challenge presses us to rise up to new levels and the competition forces us to train harder.

In Denver on the 2nd World Long Drive Tour event featured on the Golf Channel, I was the only woman over 50 competing against all ages in the open division.  I was 8 years older than the closest competitor in age and 38 years older than the youngest competitior.  All I can say is “Thank God the Golf ball see’s us as ageless and timeless.”



Watch the #GolfChannel on NBC #WorldLongDrive Tour and #Championships on Sept 5th, 2018


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