Consider the following As we Battle Clovid-19:

  1. Great Healthy Food Choices:
    • A few great simple tips:
      • Fresh, fresh, fresh…
      • Less animal fat, more good fats (Olive oil instead of butter, avocado instead of fatty meats…)
      • More foods directly related to managing inflammation (avoid white sugars, flours, alcohol, night shade foods…etc.)
  2. Lymphatic flushing and boosting exercise
    • Walking with a huge arm swing
    • buy a mini-trampoline ($25-50)and email us for a routine for your goals
    • Get in your pool and walk, sprint, swing your golf club, sit on a noodle and fight the water briskly!
  3. Positive Mental Attitude
    • Listen to a positive podcast
    • put on your favorite music
    • remember stress kills so we have to sleep to recover…if you need additional strategies, just email us at
this is harder than it looks and better for you than you can imagine!

We are here to support you and your family at this most intense time. Let us know how we can help you!

Sending love to you all,