April 27th, 2011:  “RISE AND WALK”:   NY Jets Inspired by Dennis Byrd

In 1990-1992, Lee Brandon, CSCS was the Assistant Strength coach for the NY Jets.  
Mr. Hess (GM and owner of the Jets) often stated direct to Lee, “your the young woman causing all the stir around here, you know no other woman is doing what your doing in the NFL, keep up the great job!”  
Looking back, Ken O’Brian was quarterback, Coach Coslet was the Head coach, Pete Caroll (now with Seattle) was the Offensive line coach, Freeman Mc Niel was the Running back, Trevor Matich (now ESPN Collegiate reporter),  Marty Lyon, Scottie Merseraeu and Dennis Byrd were a D-Line power house!
NY TIMES:  1990  Lee supervising Bench Press Test
Brett Miller was Lee’s first job in the weight room.  Lee had to spot Brett bench pressing #495 and she proceeded to dead lift it off his chest. 
She describes:  “It was a pivotal moment,” stated Lee.  “Everyone in that environment has to trust that you can lift the weight off an athlete if necessary.”  Lee remembers, “you could have heard a pin drop in the weight room, as all heads turned watching me standing over Brett’s head, yelling– 2 more.  I had to basically dead lift the bar off his chest as he failed to drive the weight upwards.  We racked the weight (5 huge plates on each side), and all the players broke into explosive applause!  I was in!”
Lee specialty was working with Offensive/ Defensive lines, wide receivers and punters.  “Scotty and Dennis were close;  they were training partners in the gym, and when their accident happened, it was devastating to us all.”  
This January 2011, with Mark Sanchez at the helm, the NY Jets faced New England as an underdog.  “My heart will always be with the Jets, and when I heard that Dennis (Byrd) had delivered his #90 back to them before the game and was invited as a secret guest to come and address the team prior to the game, I know in my heart that this had the potential to be a defining moment!  And indeed, it was,” remembers Lee.  “Seeing Dennis walk in this video made me cry, and inspires me today to push even harder toward my goals.”  
Look at what can be done when one truly believes!!